When the Pain Comes out of Nowhere…

When the Pain Comes out of Nowhere…

Chiropractic Vernon BC Back Pain

Written by Dr. Elliot Lysyk, DC ~ Vernon Chiropractor

Were you ever warned that as soon as you turn 40, there were some prizes in store for you? Socks become harder to put on, your body is stiffer in the morning from that difficult night’s sleep…or you might wake up and have a kink in your neck for no apparent reason. I must have slept funny, you tell yourself. You suddenly have pain, but you don’t remember doing anything to explain how you got it.

Or maybe you make the subtlest move, like bending forward and twisting slightly to pick something up...and end up “throwing your back out” again.

Much of the pain that chiropractors treat in Vernon can’t always be explained by having done something physical. Misalignments in your frame often fester silently for weeks, months or years before the damage builds up enough to be felt as a symptom. And, yep - it may take four decades for your body to suddenly become more sensitive and less forgiving.

Technically, Chiropractors don’t “treat” pain. We offer powerful adjustments that help your body’s nerve health and alignment improve...which often has the welcome bonus of helping with pain. Your body turns off the pain when it no longer needs it as an alarm system, and this is why we have so many happy customers.

The main effect of a Chiropractic adjustment is improved alignment and nerve flow. The “side effect” is symptom relief!

Who doesn’t want improved health performance AND pain relief?

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