Numbness & Tingling

Numbness & Tingling

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Written by Dr. Keegan Johnston, DC ~ Vernon Chiropractor

Are you living a happy, healthy life with abundant energy for doing the things you love? Or are you avoiding most things you enjoy or even unable to work, because of annoying, nagging, even painful symptoms like numbness or tingling in the arms, legs, hands or feet?

If you have numbness and tingling symptoms then there is a good chance that your nerves are affected in some way. It is possible the nerves are being irritated by an inflammatory process linked to arthritis. It is possible there is physical pressure on the nerves from the surrounding bones or discs of the spine, and possibly shifts or misalignments in the spine are stretching the nerves like an elastic.

There are many causes of numbness and tingling, the most common cause: poor posture.

Maybe you work at a desk all day, maybe you’re driving over half an hour to and from work, maybe you’ve been in a car accident at some point in your life or maybe you have an old sporting injury. Even something as simple as using tablets and cell phones for your communication and information each day is a major repetitive stress that can cause the spine to shift and degenerate. When your spine shifts out of normal alignment it puts physical pressure on the nerves that run from your neck to your fingertips and toes. Do you think that pressure can cause symptoms of numbness and tingling? Absolutely!

Getting your posture corrected may be your answer to becoming pain-free and getting back to the people and things you love. Call our Vernon chiropractic office to see if we can help!


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