For The Headache Sufferers…

For The Headache Sufferers…

Chiropractic Vernon BC Headache

Written by Dr. Keegan Johnston, DC ~ Vernon Chiropractor

If you are prone to headaches in Vernon, or even if you experience one every once in a while, you know how debilitating they are. Headaches can seemingly strike at any time, making it impossible to concentrate on any task.

Research has shown that many headaches are caused by damaged structures around the neck, which impacts the nerves that go up into the head. When these nerves are under pressure, headaches can result.

Tylenol or Aspirin can help relieve the headache symptoms temporarily, but the damage may remain, allowing them to come back again. By removing the pressure on nerves with our chiropractic techniques, we can often correct the cause of the problem and allow the body to function normally.

Imagine being able to do the things you love—playing with your kids, enjoying time with friends—without worrying that a headache will hit you at the wrong time. Find the likely cause of your headaches and let us help you correct it once and for all.


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