The Importance of Posture

The Importance of Posture

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Posture? I can just hear you now. Boring! Who cares? Yawn. The word “posture” reminds us of the times when our grandparents nagged us to stand up straighter. But here’s the thing—posture is super important.  It’s not just about standing straight; it’s actually the window into your spine’s health and alignment.

Do you have crooked shoulders, un-level hips or a head that sticks out way too far? Do you have an “i-Hunch” on your upper back from all that screen time?

These are signs that your spine is under strain, and all these imbalances need now is time—time to create damaging osteoarthritis which can creep into your spine, causing pain and ill health down the line.

So yes—posture is kinda boring, but correcting your spine and super-charging your health is kinda awesome!

Here are 3 tips from our Vernon chiropractor for improved posture and keeping a healthy spine this summer:

  • If you have to bend forward, don’t twist at the waist at the same time. This can cause a disc injury, which is painful and difficult to heal.
  • When you bend forward, keep your back straight, bend at the knees and stick your butt right out. You may look ridiculous, but the position is strong and stable.
  • When lifting from the position above, try looking up when you lift, extending your neck instead of flexing it forward. Huge back-protecting tip here!

By keeping these tips in mind, and by making regular visits to your chiropractor, your spine will be in great shape as you head into the great outdoors and enjoy this long-awaited summer!


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