What is a Registered Massage Therapist and why is it Important?

What is a Registered Massage Therapist and why is it Important?

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Clients seek massage therapy services in Vernon for various reasons, such as to relieve stress, increase relaxation, or deal with chronic pain. There is even research that suggests that massage helps with depression and anxiety.

It seems so tempting to just sign up and have a massage with the closest available service and see what it’s all about. But how can anyone be certain that they’ll get the effects they want, that the best methods and techniques will be used, or that the therapist keeps current their knowledge current and up-to-date?

Massage therapy is a regulated health profession in Canada for exactly this reason. It’s important to go with these registered therapists because then you know you’re getting the real deal. A registered massage therapist will -

  • have already completed at least 3000 hours of practice;
  • not only have minimum training but will have knowledge of kinesiology and orthopedics too, and how they can help those recovering after surgery;
  • have completed a competency-based education from an accredited institution. In fact, only members of an accredited college can use the title ‘Massage Therapist’;
  • Have studied all the appropriate subjects – pathology, neurology, physiology, anatomy, and others;
  • have completed all the right exams;
  • have participated in continuing education and learned how to apply professional standards and quality care.

Massage therapists are also continually assessing and improving their practice to meet quality assurance requirements so that they can renew their registration from year to year.

When you see the letters RMT, it is referring to a registered massage therapist as opposed to an unregulated professional. Registration is there to ensure that you get the best care possible. It protects the public in a number of important ways.

A client can report a therapist to the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia for inadequate service or for inappropriate behaviour – this is not true for an unregistered “relaxation massage” service. The CMTBC also ensures that the massage therapist meets specific educational qualifications and follows through with the correct procedures.

These procedures include, among others -

  • washing hands and any skin surface that will come in contact with the client;
  • recording the client’s medical history;
  • assessing the client’s condition, and throughout treatment;
  • explaining the treatment to the client;
  • properly draping the client;
  • using protective equipment if needed;
  • suggesting ongoing home-care.

Massage Therapists whose First Priority is Making Money

There are too many people advertising themselves as the real thing when they very clearly aren’t. They aren’t people-orientated and they aren’t interested in helping with reducing your pain. Their first love is money and they charge you as much as possible. It’s often why people don’t respond to treatment – it’s not being done correctly.

Massage therapists who come without regulation are scary and worrisome.

If a client has a medical problem, seeing a massage therapist who isn’t regulated puts them in a vulnerable situation. They’re trusting someone untrustworthy, and putting their health into someone’s hands who isn’t sufficiently trained. If something were to go wrong, they may not have the time or financial resources to get any kind of remediation for whatever wrong was done.

Massage is a wonderfully non-invasive, low risk and relaxing therapy, but in the hands of an untrained person, it can be high risk and vexing.

Registered Massage Therapists give Peace of Mind

Next time you make an appointment with a registered massage therapist, you can at least have confidence and peace of mind that they are accountable – they comply with high standards, ensuring the patient gets the very best massage services.


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