Does Your Child Have Shin Splints?

Does Your Child Have Shin Splints?

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Written by Dr. James Mayne, DC ~ Vernon Chiropractor

When I was a kid, I would have growing pains in my legs and shin splints while playing sports. This is a very common condition for young athletes and is often straightforward to help with.

Over the years most kids will fall out of trees, go over the handlebars of their bikes, land on each other on trampolines, slip and fall on the ice, etc. These little strains can cause the pelvis, hips, or low back to fall out of alignment and cause uneven strain on our leg muscles.

Now fast-forward to a growth spurt. If a twisted pelvis is causing a slight pull on the leg muscles, and the muscles must stretch as we grow, they will give us shin splints or growing pains. It is especially noticeable when a child is actively playing sports but can be aggravated simply by walking around throughout the day.

A chiropractor in Vernon assessing the alignment of the hips, back, and legs can quickly sort out where the strain is coming from, and then render care to take the pressure off the legs. This will lead to a reduction in growing pains as the child continues to grow.

If your child is suffering from growing pains or shin splints, please come in and have an evaluation. The earlier the intervention, the faster we can help.

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