Hip Tightness, Pain & Clicking

Hip Tightness, Pain & Clicking

Chiropractic Vernon BC Hip Pain

Written by Dr. Elliot Lysyk, DC ~ Vernon Chiropractor

As a chiropractor in Vernon, I find complaints about hip tightness, hip pain and hip clicking to be quite common.

There are many reasons why hip joints can become stiff, sore or restricted in such a way that they crack, click or release with certain movements. There are many layers of tissue supporting these complicated joints, and your specific symptoms will largely be based on which specific tissue has become dysfunctional.

For example, it’s common for someone to present with a twist in their pelvis, which, in turn, causes the femur heads to be slightly twisted as well. This creates an internal strain of the hip joints, which may cause them to click in certain positions. Helping to correct the patient’s twisted pelvic posture ends up correcting the hip torque, and—low and behold—their complaint improves.

Having a Chiropractor assess your posture, as well as your spine and pelvic function, can help flush out the imbalances that are likely causing your stiffness, pain or restrictions.

I have witnessed many patients achieve better spine and hip balance, allowing them to overcome symptoms like these. And there’s a larger benefit, too—reducing the long-term wear-and-tear that creates more challenging issues down the road. If early imbalances aren't corrected, and the symptoms are ongoing, these are the issues that end up requiring hip replacements over time as one ages.

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