A lot to look forward to for Chiropractic Care patients

A lot to look forward to for Chiropractic Care patients

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The importance of research and scientific studies relating to the welfare of the human spine creates validity and value in chiropractic care and is worthy of reading and sharing.  To know that the profession of chiropractic continues to advance, improve, and implement the best and most relevant practices should give our community confidence as it integrates into mainstream public healthcare.

  • The World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) is a global organization consisting of representatives from national associations in 88 countries.  As a member of the World Health Organization and a not-for-profit organization, the WFC exists to support, empower, promote, and advance the profession of chiropractic which ultimately results in passing these benefits on to you.  Their vision is to increase the use of chiropractic care and to integrate chiropractic internationally as a patient-centered primary health care profession.  In the future, the benefits of a successful, multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare will contribute to the community and economic prosperity.  https://www.wfc.org/website/

In Berlin, Germany on March 20-23, 2019, the WFC gathered to discuss the latest in chiropractic research, education, and advocacy.  With over 900 participants in attendance, doctors/clinicians, researchers/academic professors, and students convened to share ideas, showcase the latest scientific research, and create strategic plans to promote the role of chiropractors as advocates in health promotion and disease prevention.  The delegates agreed to adopt "principles of evidence-based practice, people-centered care, inter-professional working, and collaborative approaches so society, our communities and our patients can truly benefit from, and have access to, the benefits of chiropractic care."  (Dr. Laurie Tassell, WFC President)

At the WFC Congress, over 200 scientific research papers and their findings were presented.  The quality of the academic research was on par with the world's leading spine society conventions.  The top research papers receiving awards were:

  • The Nordic Maintenance Care Program: How Does Maintenance Care Work? by Andreas Eklund *1
  • Does Exposure To Prolonged Durations of Sitting Result in Immediate Increases in Back Pain? by Diana de Carvahlo *2
  • An Individual Participant Data Meta-Analysis of Spinal Manipulative Therapy for Chronic Low Back Pain. by Annie-Marie de Zoete *3
  • Can Baseline Characteristics Indicate Best Choice of Health Care Provider for Back Pain Patients in Primary Care? by Lisbeth Hartvigsen *4

Andreas Eklund from Stockholm, Sweden, was awarded top honours for his paper which details the value of maintenance chiropractic care versus symptomatic care.  The study revealed that over a 12 month period, people who received consistent intervals of chiropractic care had 12.8 fewer days of low back pain.  His conclusion emphasized that patients with chronic low back pain who responded favourably to an initial course of chiropractic did in fact benefit from on-going chiropractic care for prevention.

While this is just one example supporting the validity and effectiveness of on-going chiropractic care, there are many more.  Another such study of importance was performed to assess the effectiveness of cervical traction and it's relationship to dizziness caused by neck pain.  Using the Denneroll as a neck tractioning device proved positive after a 1-year follow up with the individuals who used the cervical extension traction gained improvements in their symptoms of dizziness. *5

It is well-known that back and spine pain can be disabling and costly.  In fact, one in five cases of acute low back pain becomes chronic. *6  Two Canadians, Professor Pierre Cote and Dr. Deborah Kodansky-Giles, also received special recognition with an award for their contribution and research in disability prevention, spinal rehabilitation, and inter-professional collaboration.

The overwhelming consensus at the end of the WFC convention was that the profession of chiropractic and their patients have a lot to look forward to.  A promising future indeed, inspired by the latest in research showing the delivery of chiropractic care can influence and improve the quality of spinal conditions.  By sharing this information, you can see there is real value in receiving spinal care from a profession dedicated to spinal health and it's relationship to our collective well-being.

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