4 Reasons Massage Therapy is Great for Pain Relief

4 Reasons Massage Therapy is Great for Pain Relief

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Many of the body aches we have, we know precisely where they come from – an injury or a headache from a stressful situation. Fortunately, many of the aches and pains we have can be treated at home, and they quietly disappear.

The pain we have can vary in intensity. They can be worrisome, because when it’s a sharp pain we think of a heart attack and when it's a dull, persistent ache we think of fibromyalgia, or worse, cancer.

Some Diseases are Synonymous with Pain

Common causes of muscle pain are stress and minor injuries while systemic muscle pain can be the result of an infection or illness. There are a number of underlying causes of pain in the body. If you suffer from hypothyroidism for instance, where your body isn’t producing enough thyroid hormone, you can have stiff joints, body aches, and muscle cramping.

Arthritis too is a common cause of chronic pain and includes several diseases affecting joints and muscles, the most common of which is osteoarthritis. Not only does osteoarthritis cause body aches, but it also causes stiffness and swelling too.

There are natural ways to manage the likes of hypothyroidism, arthritis and other diseases. What a pleasure to avoid having to see a doctor.  Massage therapy in Vernon has been gaining popularity as people look for effective alternative health solutions.

We look at 4 other reasons why massage is so effective and so great for pain.

  1. Natural Treatment with No Side Effects: It’s not surprising that so many people are turning to alternative medicine for pain relief. They’ve tried traditional treatments and had to take even more medication to deal with the side effects of the first lot of medicine. They’ve endured unsuccessful surgery and their medical insurance isn’t assisting. Massage eases pain, and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine tells us that massage triggers the release of natural painkillers known as opioids in the brain. With such a natural painkiller, there are no side effects.
  2. A More Natural Healing Therapy: People love that massage is so non-toxic. There is no fear that massage can cure one thing but create problems elsewhere in the body. Massage also interacts well with conventional treatments such as cancer drugs you may be on.
  3. More than Just a Healing Touch: Some people visit a massage therapist for muscular pain and tension and they get a whole lot more. They receive comfort and both physical and mental healing from the touch of the massage. Their emotional pain is attended to as well. The massage therapist takes time to make the patient feel cared for. Its the nature of their job. Their touch and their conversation with you makes you feel cared for, and that in itself improves the quality of life.
  4. Boosting your Immune System: Complementary therapies boost the immune system. For instance, people who received a massage lasting just 45-minutes had an increased number of lymphocytes. These cells defend the body from disease. When the body is stressed, muscles tense up to guard against injury and pain.When muscles are tense for long periods of time, it promotes stress-related disorders such as tension-type headache and migraine. Within seconds of an injury, the immune system is activated to dispose of toxins. If the immune system is compromised, you open yourself up to sickness and injury. Massage boosts the immune system so it can offer resistance to disease.

Silence Pain

Pain and illness can strip us from living life to the full. With massage, the immune system is strengthened, and if any invaders find their way into the body, if the immune system is in optimal condition, pain and illness can be kept silent.


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