Why Do I Get So Excited about Posture?

Why Do I Get So Excited about Posture?

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Written by Dr. James Mayne, DC ~ Vernon Chiropractor

A person’s posture tells us so much about their health. When we are hurt we walk and move in a certain way. When we are tired we slouch and our heads droop. If a person has a job where they sit too long, they develop a hunching posture. Our pelvic can be strained by standing in a leaning position for too long. Once a chiropractor has completed their 8 or 9 years of training they never look at people the same way again.

As doctors of chiropractic in Vernon, we improve a person’s spinal alignment and help them to function better. Well, that is a nice definition, but it does not really explain things in layman’s terms. To simplify it, we make a person sit and stand more evenly, so their muscles don’t have to work so hard to keep from leaning over and there is less muscle strain on the body. This leads to less aches and pains and more energy at the end of the day.

When someone walks through my door, my job is to make them walk out straighter and more balanced. Every adjustment, stretch, and exercise gets a person’s posture stronger and stronger. Each treatment helps to undo the damage of a lifetime of sprains and strains from slips and falls, car accidents, sitting at desks for long periods, or spinal problems a person was born with.

The end result is a spine that can handle the demands of the day and last for a lifetime. I see this through a person’s posture improving. Just like a mechanic straightening out a car’s frame so it will run smoother and last longer, a properly aligned spine works smoother and can last longer.

So, yes, whenever I see a person’s posture improve I know we are changing the body and I get excited. It is great that this equates to a better functioning body and less discomfort, but seeing a change is how I know that a difference has been made. Just like your mother, I need you to sit up straight and stop slouching.


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