Healthier Today Than Yesterday?

Healthier Today Than Yesterday?

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Written by Dr. Deane Studer, DC ~ Vernon Chiropractor

When pain strikes us with surprise, we often struggle to understand why. Keep in mind that our spinal bones are held in place by numerous muscles controlled and directed by the nervous system. Bones, muscles, and nerves influence each other in a dynamic balance. When everything is properly aligned and our main weight-bearing joints are vertically stacked, the natural laws of human design are preserved.

We balance ourselves in gravity without any thought or appreciation, but with due consideration, it is an incredible act. Every joint in our body sends the nervous system information constantly while standing to maintain a stable posture. Our muscles work in pairs to equalize the subtle alignment of the bones so that they fit just right to maximize strong posture. Over our lifetime we become habituated in many ways and beyond our comprehension. Repetitive habits introduce and hard-wire our bodies into tight and inflexible ways.

Posture is simple--it is how we balance ourselves in space. It is intuitive and responsive to our environment. Strong posture offers more mechanical advantages than weak posture. Have you ever seen a picture of yourself or a friend and noticed that one shoulder is higher than the other? The best way to know this is through a posture assessment and by getting a posture picture. Awareness is the first step to correcting poor posture, which could be the cause of your health issues.

Our Vernon chiropractic clinic has a special interest in spinal and postural correction. With our simple posture test, we can often reveal the imbalances that are causing your pain or health concern. We look forward to helping you and your family!


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