Is Your Job Taking the Fun Out of Life?

Is Your Job Taking the Fun Out of Life?

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Written by Dr. James, DC ~ Vernon Chiropractor

Do you remember when the workday ended and you had the energy to hop on your bike or go to the gym, then go out with friends in the evening and wake up the next day bright-eyed and bushy-tailed? Maybe you still feel that way, but for many of us over 40 or 50, sitting at a desk for too long or physically moving things around all day at work will leave us without the energy or enthusiasm to play afterward. Over time we feel more and more tired and worn out.

Often it is improper posture and/or poor lifting habits causing our back, hips, shoulders, and necks to be tired and strained at the end of a long workday. A lifetime of little trips and accidents have created sprains and weaknesses in our bodies that seem to worsen with time. I will often hear “I am not the same as I was 10 years ago”.

What has helped me, and countless others, is getting a full chiropractic assessment to figure out where these strains are, and then creating a plan to counteract and help with improving body mechanics. This usually results in improved posture which means our bones are now holding our body up again, rather than relying on strained and tired muscles. This will conserve our strength and energy throughout the day, saving it for sports, recreation, and fun. It’s like turning back the clock and giving us the energy we had 10 years ago!

Years ago a chiropractor assessed my body for strains and sprains and helped me get back my enjoyment out of sports and recreation. It’s why I love what I do now, so if this sounds familiar at all give us a call and have an assessment to see if we can help!

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