Is There A Dimmer Switch On Your Child’s Health?

Is There A Dimmer Switch On Your Child’s Health?

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Written by Dr. Elliot Lysyk, DC ~ Vernon Chiropractor

Children come to our Vernon chiropractic office typically because their parents are concerned about complaints like ongoing headaches, neck pain, back pain, pain between the shoulder blades, acute pain from falls and sports injuries, poor posture, or concern as to whether their child has scoliosis or some form of spinal misalignment.

Did you know that most children we meet have 8 or more postural imbalances caused by specific misalignments in the spine?

The spinal column is very durable, but is subject to the stresses and strains of our life, and does mis-align. These misalignments can be detected by a Chiropractor in a simple spine and posture exam. Doctors of Chiropractic train for years to detect these tiny imbalances, and it's these imbalances that can put damaging stress on the vital nerves of a child’s spine. This nerve stress has been related to many health complaints. Nerve stress acts like a dimmer switch on a lamp, turning the body’s power down. Pain and dysfunction are the symptoms a child’s body expresses when the damage inside gets large enough.

Chiropractors are successful at helping the body overcome these health concerns because we help correct spinal and postural imbalances, reducing nerve pressure, and allowing the body to heal itself, naturally. The most cherished part of my day is how parents’ eyes light up in amazement when they see their child overcome their health concerns.

It’s delightful to see how improved spinal alignment can lead to an improved ability to heal and be healthy.

I’d love to help your family!


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