Helping Boomers Stay Active

Helping Boomers Stay Active

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Written by Dr. James Mayne DC ~ Vernon Chiropractor

Have you ever noticed that each decade of life seems to bring its own set of challenges?  In my 20s my metabolism slowed down, in my 30s I didn’t heal from injury as quickly, in my 40s I didn’t have as much energy, and in my 50s…well, I’m not quite in my 50s yet, but what I’ve learned over the years is that while we can’t stop the aging process, we can attempt to slow it down.

One of the biggest complaints we see in our offices is that a large number of baby boomers are hitting retirement age and are finding it difficult to keep up with their busy new lifestyles. Now that they have the time to golf, fish, play with their grandkids, ski, and garden, their bodies are holding them up. Years of sitting at desks, manual labour, and running the rat race have taken their toll. Often this shows up in the form of neck or backaches, fatigue, or postural strain.

Helping improve the body’s mechanics and straightening out posture lets the bones hold us up properly, allowing overworked muscles to be used for recreational activities. While this may not allow you to hit a 400-yard drive or suddenly ski the double-blacks, we would love to see if we can improve your health so you can better enjoy your later years.


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