Hip Pain No More!

Hip Pain No More!

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Written by Dr. Deane Studer, DC ~ Vernon Chiropractor

Do you get a dull ache in the hip area after sitting in a chair or car for any length of time? Do you have to avoid sleeping on one side because you get an awful, sharp pain on the side of your hip? Do you find your balance and coordination are off when going up or downstairs? All of these problems are very common, and on most occasions can be treated with a simple solution. I have treated many individuals suffering from these types of symptoms with excellent results. The good news is that by approaching the treatment of these symptoms from a functional standpoint, the issue can often be resolved in a short amount of time. Let's take a look at some of the important details and relevant anatomy contributing to these ailments.

Located on the side of your upper thigh is a hard bump called the greater trochanter. This is part of your femur bone or thigh bone. If this is the area where you get sore, tender, and maybe feel some pain, then we know where to investigate. Around this area is a group of strong muscles that allow you to stand, walk, and even run if you have to! These muscles are similar to the rotator cuff muscles around your shoulder joint. When one or more of these muscles gets injured or, over time, become weak, the hip joint loses its stability and coordination becomes difficult. When all of the supporting muscles and ligaments around your hip aren't doing their intended job, the pain will slowly start to happen gradually.

The treatment begins with finding the weak muscles. Then we have to wake up these muscles by activating them through a series of manual therapies. This helps to re-establish the connections that allow them to turn on and fire again. These therapies help to improve the blood and nerve supply to these muscles which, in turn, strengthens the connection of your hip to your brain. The area of the brain where this happens specifically is called the sensory homunculus. This connection helps to improve your coordination so that you don't fall. Once the brain and body are in sync, a progressive series of targeted hip pain exercises are prescribed. If performed on a regular basis, your weakened muscles will strengthen and begin to do what they once did, thus providing stability through a functional range of movements while walking, climbing, or running through life.

The all-important brain-body connection is how chiropractors in Vernon enhance overall human performance. Weak balance and poor coordination will be a thing of the past.

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