Form, Function & Fuel

Form, Function & Fuel

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Written by Dr. Deane Studer, DC ~ Vernon Chiropractor

Life is an active and dynamic process shaped by many forces. When our stubborn old patterns don’t result in the changes we are looking for, we can engage and learn new ways that give us a different approach. A healing path must start with a decision to commit to and create better habits that will build you back up to the incredible spirit that you know resides within. Wherever you are on your quest for better health, chiropractic is a natural way to start the healing process.

An initial visit to a chiropractor begins with a thorough history—a timeline of your life's events and circumstances that may have triggered abnormal amounts of stress on your body and brain. Once establishing where you are on a continuum of health, your chiropractor can look at how the 3 pillars of the human body may have taken you in the wrong direction. These 3 pillars, form, function, and fuel, respectively, are the foundation of how your body is built, how it works, and what is going inside to provide the energy. When you have a crisis, or aches and pains which are decreasing your vitality, finding the cause of these problems is like fixing the cracks in the foundation of your health. Chiropractic care uses these 3 pillars to fix the foundation and to improve your overall health.

Your form is how your body is put together structurally. The internal architecture creates a form which is your posture. We look at your posture from both the inside and the outside to determine where postural patterns have stressed the joints, ligaments, and nerves around the spine. Your standing posture reflects the stability and strength of this support system that protects your brain, spinal cord, and nerves.

Chiropractors in Vernon also investigate the function of all the systems that are controlled by your nervous system. This is assessed by specific tests and exams in order to gain further insight into the cause of the problems. Determining the degree of dysfunction will give us a clear understanding of why you are having the symptoms and complaints that you are experiencing. Improving the interconnectedness of the body and brain depends on the brain feeling the body, processing that information, and then commanding the body to perform at that moment based on that information. When the body’s organs and systems are synchronized and connected, the body is better equipped to maintain and repair itself.

Thirdly, there is fuel. To sustain the body and brain, we need nutrients that produce energy inside every cell of our body. Fats, protein, and carbohydrates come in both health-promoting and unhealthy varieties. Certain foods can trigger allergies and inflammation. This can have a devastating effect on your body and your brain, too. Completing a survey of what you are putting into your body and what you are getting out of your body can help to give you a clear picture of where you can improve in this area.

When we can balance these 3 pillars of health, you will feel more strength, endurance, and energy throughout your brain and body. When form, function, and fuel are stabilized your body is doing what it was naturally intended to be doing—being healthy! Most importantly, you are now taking an active role in your own healthcare. You are the one in control, not
your symptoms.

We look forward to working with you to discover how we can move you toward a world of better health!

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