3 Tips for finding a good Massage Therapist

3 Tips for finding a good Massage Therapist

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Put simply, massage therapists treat clients by using touch and the importance of that touch can’t be overemphasized. A good therapist manipulates the soft tissues of the body and this reduces pain by increasing the production of endorphins. And only a properly trained therapist will know how to perform massage so that it is beneficial to both you and your health.

The Right Massage Therapist - ‘What a Find!’

With your health at stake, you want to be sure you find the best massage therapist in Vernon. A few tips and ideas will help you find the right one so that you can say ‘what a find’. The whole family can benefit from finding such a well trained, skilled therapist.

Choosing the best massage therapist is a seriously important health decision. You want to find a reliable therapist – one that you can build a strong relationship with and who understands your need to work towards better health.

Recommendations from friends and family are always helpful, but with these additional tips and advice, you can be sure of landing yourself a massage therapist worth their salt.

  1. Make sure your Massage Therapist is Legit: With massage, there are a number of modalities, and to be able to perform all the different types of massage there are, the therapist will have needed to complete a training program which will have provided them with a diploma certificate or 2-year degree.Make sure to find out if your selected therapist is licensed by the province. You don’t want to fall prey to inappropriate behavior. You want an accredited massage therapist who puts you at ease right from the start.
  1. Get a Referral from the Health Spa: At a spa, you may have to settle for whichever massage therapist is available. If you want the same massage therapist each time, you can provide the spa receptionist with precise details on the massage you want and request that specific therapist.You may even find leaflets of private-practice therapists at the reception desk describing their experience with the different massages they do. If someone you know has been to a particular massage therapist and had a great experience, that's a sure plus. If you like their philosophy and the work they do, give them a call.
  1. Compatibility: What’s the point of a wonderful massage if it’s received from a surly, unwilling therapist or masseuse? Focus on a ‘relationship’ when choosing a therapist. Delivery of services and care is absolutely critical for your well-being.Make sure to use your first visit as a test. Does the therapist listen to you; does she explain your treatment clearly and also specify a date for a follow-up visit? If you’re not happy, shop around. If the therapist doesn’t meet your expectations, your health will be at stake. People should expect and receive quality from their massage therapist and also quality from the system in which the therapist practices.

Know the Reputation of your Therapist

Massage can be so beneficial that it is 100% worth it to find a good therapist, as massage can benefit you for a lifetime. Find out what your purpose is for needing massage therapy - health maintenance, reduction of stress, treatment for pain or simply to make your body more flexible?

It is extremely important to know everything about your massage therapist and to check their reviews – see what those who have used them are saying. You’ll have some idea on their reputation as a therapist, whether they’re cost-effective and whether their attempts can provide you with amazing results.


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