Chiropractic Research for Better Health Choices

Chiropractic Research for Better Health Choices

Chiropractic Vernon BC Neck Pain

Written by Dr. Deane Studer, DC ~ Vernon Chiropractor

From the Journal of Neuro Surgery Spine April 2013 Grosso, M.J. states, "reversal of the normal cervical spine curvature, as seen in cervical kyphosis, can lead to mechanical dysfunction, and functional disabilities".  Abnormal curves and poor posture creates increased tension and pressure altering cellular function.  This includes bone cells, nerve cells, disc cells, and the cells of our spinal ligaments.  Long-term health issues can develop and even accelerate aging due to altered function and poor adaptation.  It's all about having great spinal balance, great posture, and great nerve function.

Our Vernon chiropractic clinic focuses on restoring the neck curve so that there is less interference in the spinal cord and nerve function.  Studies show that well-aligned neck vertebrae deteriorate less with the arthritic breakdown and maintain better overall mobility.

Optimal spinal alignment = optimal health


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