When Exercise Is Harmful

When Exercise Is Harmful

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Written by Dr. Elliot Lysyk, DC ~ Vernon Chiropractor

In order to combat daily aches and pains, many people turn to exercise, hoping to alleviate their pain by getting into better shape. There’s no doubt that such activities can increase blood flow to the joints, easing them through fuller ranges of motion—on top of countless other health benefits. I am a huge advocate of regular physical activity. Minor aches caused by an out-of-shape body will often be relieved by daily exercise, and the results can be felt immediately.

I am, however, a little concerned by what I see when people begin fitness programs without giving proper consideration to what may be causing their pain. My experience after treating thousands of patients shows that the average person has at least 6 postural imbalances in their body. Most of these imbalances stem from the spine—the core of the body. Because gravity exerts a constant pull on the body, these spinal imbalances can show through as joint strain (back, neck, arm, leg pain), depending on where the imbalance is.

If an exercise program is taken on board, the added strain can worsen the pain because it overloads an already strained area. I see a lot of patients who vow to get in shape, only to be met with areas of imbalance that suddenly become painful. Spinal imbalances increase spinal pressure, leading to disc disease and arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a disease of wear and tear and happens in areas of the spine that aren’t aligned properly. In such cases, it becomes MORE HARMFUL to continue with the activity without giving appropriate attention to the cause, especially when pain persists and worsens with activity.

Chiropractors in Vernon are trained to detect and correct these imbalances so you are able to achieve better fitness with less pain and long-term damage.  If you experience pain during or after exercise,  I urge you to find out the underlying problem before more damage is done! Every day I see long-term spinal damage and arthritis in patients who wish they would have been told to get a spine and posture check-up earlier in their lives. Maybe there’s an imbalance in your body that can be corrected?


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