What Is Posture and Why Is It Important?

What Is Posture and Why Is It Important?

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Written by Dr. Elliot Lysyk, DC ~ Vernon Chiropractor

Your posture is like the window into your spine. It is a measure of the balance of your spinal column, which is the core of your body. From the front, your spine should have perfect vertical alignment. From the side, your spine should have three flowing curves, all helping to support the weight of your body. In this balanced, symmetrical position, your spine houses the spinal cord, a vital nerve tract extending from your brain that acts as an intelligence line for your whole body. The proper function of this cord is paramount to excellent health.

You see, disease results when your brain and body lose communication. Your body's cells become dysfunctional and confused when this vital communication is tampered with. Although the protection of your delicate spinal cord (by your spinal bones) creates a magnificent barrier to stress, the spinal bones can slip out of alignment, slowly compressing it overtime. If this happens, vital nerve messages from your brain become trapped and the cells that should have received them become chaotic. A "dis-ease" process is set in motion and, eventually, pain results.

If these misalignments of the vertebrae aren’t corrected in time, the cells of your body suffer. The normal programs of healing and repair that run through your nerves can no longer talk to your cells. Also, the vertebrae themselves begin to disintegrate and decay in a process commonly called osteoarthritis. Arthritis happens in the areas of your spine that are misaligned. I have seen this in thousands of patients where I have taken x-rays to determine where the spinal imbalance stems from. The chance of arthritis forming in areas of your spine that maintain appropriate alignment is rare. So, quite simply, if you want to prevent the early onset of osteoarthritis of the spine and other unfortunate disease states, ensure that your spine maintains its alignment and your nervous system is free of damaging interference.

Chiropractors in Vernon are spinal specialists. We are trained to detect the subtle spinal imbalances that lead to nerve dysfunction.  Interestingly, these imbalances can be easily seen in your posture. Have you ever noticed someone who has a higher shoulder, or a head that sticks out like a goose?  Spinal misalignments weaken your spine and set the stage for poor posture. Also, sitting with poor posture can cause the spine to further misalign, compounding the problem. A well-aligned spine, on the other hand, creates excellent posture. Regular Chiropractic checkups and spinal adjustments ensure your spine is free of this damaging stress and allow your nerves to be healthy and strong. Visit your Chiropractor today!


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