The Pains of Parenting

The Pains of Parenting

Chiropractic Vernon BC Mother and Daughter

Written by Dr. Elliot Lysyk, DC ~ Vernon Chiropractor

It’s surprising how many parents I meet who struggle to pick up their kids, or even play with their kids, due to some kind of back, neck or body pain. It breaks my heart to know that many of you are forced to pass up on this precious time due to life-limiting pain symptoms.

But here’s the good news—through chiropractic care in Vernon, I have helped many parents overcome the pain challenges that keep them from lifting and playing with their kids. Most parents I meet have at least 6 posture or body imbalances causing tension patterns in the spine or body. Forward-head posture, unlevel shoulders and hips, or a rotated pelvis are very common findings, and they can cause grinding damage to worsen in the joints over time.

Thankfully, a focused spine and posture exam by one of our Chiropractors can often reveal the very imbalances causing your pain, and we can help you correct them.

Until these imbalances are corrected, they usually fester and worsen, making the pain more frequent, or more serious. So if you're experiencing these challenges, why wait until they become harder to fix? We all know pain drugs are not very good for us and can lead to dangerous side effects and dependence, so maybe it's time to try an alternative.

Life is short. We wish to help you optimize it so you can relax, play, and have more fun with your kids.

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