The Arise Lifestyle Transformation – Jan. 22nd

The Arise Lifestyle Transformation – Jan. 22nd

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Written by Dr. Elliot Lysyk, DC ~ Vernon Chiropractor

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I'm excited to share an event coming up soon - The Arise Lifestyle Transformation (see details below).

When I was taking my Kinesiology degree at the University of Alberta, my class had the opportunity to learn the basic measuring tools used to measure body composition, including body fat. It turns out that certain body compositions are related to disease processes in the body, which is not terribly surprising.

One of the easiest and most practical tests is the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) scale.

By standing on this scale, a weak electrical current flows through the body. The voltage is then measured in order to calculate the resistance of certain tissues, offering a reasonably accurate assessment of body compositions.

This is where our upcoming Arise Transformation Event will begin for registrants. It takes just a couple of minutes and the scale prints off a simple analysis of your body composition. You can see my own results here:

Chiropractic Vernon BC Printout

I know most of you are thinking that my metabolic age of 26 matches my actual age, but you would be very wrong! 🙂

Although body compositions such as total fat mass, body fat percent, bone and muscle mass are important, it was the total body water (body hydration) and metabolic age that had me particularly interested. Generally speaking, when muscle mass is higher, and fat mass is lower, your metabolism is higher, allowing your body to produce energy like a younger person. As the composition of your body begins to slide toward higher fat and lower muscle (due mostly to our lifestyles as we age), we tend to have a higher metabolic age and our hydration levels drop, meaning our bodies simply don't have the energy they need to be healthy and fight disease.

So, let’s determine this baseline for you, understand where you are, and create a game plan leading you where you want to be! We will re-measure your results after 3 months. Follow the simple, healthy strategies that you will learn in the workshop, and let the results speak for themselves!

We hope to see you there!

Arise Lifestyle Transformation

Wed, Jan. 22nd – 5:30 to 6:45 PM (Complimentary) - Arise Studio

Body Composition Analysis starts at 5 PM, for a fee of $20.

Call (250) 275-7616 to reserve a spot as spaces are limited.

Invite family & friends and make it a group effort!


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