Staying Active In All 4 Seasons in Vernon

One of the main goals I have as a Vernon chiropractor is to keep people active and moving, knowing that not only will our bodies feel better when we move, but also that our bodies will be stronger and last longer. This concept really took shape for me about 20 years ago when I read an interview in the National Post in March 2000 with “the Great One”, Wayne Gretzsky. He explained how he was “ecstatic to see the end of hockey season” so he could play outdoor sports, like lacrosse. This change in sporting activity would allow his hockey injuries to heal up so he was ready to hit the ice again in September. He credited the fact that he could play professional hockey well into his 40’s with this rest between seasons.

Others, like Trevor Linden, also felt switching up sports helped them compete for years and develop other skills (for Trevor it was a switch to baseball from hockey according to a 1998 interview).

"Spring" into action

One of the reasons I chose to move to Vernon BC was the massive variety of recreation and sports we have access to in our back yards. Unfortunately, many of the patients we will see in the clinic are inactive when the weather is not to their liking. But I can tell you with certainty, that people who are active year-round have much better physical health than those that do not. It is not hard to keep active year-round here, let me explain.

We all know that spring weather motivates us to get outside and move. It may still be a little cold for camping at the beginning of spring, but the hiking trails of Kalamalka Provincial Park open up, the local golf courses (Hillview Golf and Vernon Golf and Country Club), and the Rail Trail biking trail all become accessible and are each less than a 5 minute drive from our clinic. The mountain biking trails between Predator ridge and Ellison Provincial park are buzzing and everyone gets out in the sun as much as they can.


As we move into summer, the campgrounds open. Kekuli Bay is again 5 minutes away and right on Kalamalka Lake and on the Rail Trail. Kal Beach is full of paddleboarders, swimmers, and boaters. The beach volleyball courts at Paddlewheel Park are busy, as well as the skateboard parks in Coldstream and at Polson Park. And one of our summer’s biggest draws, Silver Star Resort’s mountain bike season starts.

While summer is a whirlwind of activity, and usually the easiest season to stay active in, once fall hits we get our beaches and trails back from the tourists. This is also the season to prep for the cold, snowy winter where many folks hibernate, and their health can generally decline. But, it is also the start of indoor soccer season, hockey season, and volleyball leagues start up. It is also a great time of year to camp as more sites become available. One of my favorites is to sneak off to Nakusp for a weekend. It is only 3 hours away and full of hiking adventures to and around Halcyon and Halfway hot springs.

Staying Active in the Winter

Finally, we look to winter. Many people feel winter is a quieter season, but it does not have to be. Not only is our local Silverstar Mountain Resort less than half an hour away, both Big White and Revelstoke ski hills are a day trip away. And you don’t have to ski to enjoy these winter treasures. Bikers can ride fat bikes on the snow. Anyone who can walk can go snowshoeing up at Sovergien Lake which has some of the best cross country skiing terrain around. The Monashee mountains are full of sledding trails. No, you don’t have to be inactive during the winter months. Also, for many January 1st resolutions point them to a gym, another fantastic way to get exercise in the winter months.

Next comes Spring and the whole rotation starts over again. I know this isn’t an all-inclusive list, but most of these recreational activities are within 20 minutes of Vernon. With so many opportunities we should all be able to find an activity to keep us active and strong year-round. Vernon residents are blessed to live here and have so many opportunities for enjoyable recreation and exercise, so I encourage you to get out and be active. Your body will thank you for it.