Sciatica ~ Is It Just Muscular?

Sciatica ~ Is It Just Muscular?

Chiropractic Vernon BC Sciatica

Written by Dr. Keegan Johnston, DC ~ Vernon Chiropractor

So you have been told your sciatica is a muscle problem. Yet you stretch and stretch your muscles with only temporary relief. Why isn’t the problem going away?

When your body is stressed from big traumas like car accidents and sporting injuries, or repetitive injuries like excessively sitting and using your smartphone, your muscles contract in an abnormal way. This abnormal muscle tightening locks spinal joints and shifts your posture. Any change from good posture irritates nearby nerves, including the sciatic nerve.

This poor posture also interferes with the communication of the nerve that controls the muscles. This abnormal communication makes the muscles weak or tight. Abnormal muscle tightening can also irritate the sciatic nerve.

If you have been told that your sciatic problem is muscular, it’s likely only partially true. Correcting the cause of sciatica is about breaking the vicious cycle of poor posture, irritated nerves, and abnormal muscle tightness.


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