Parenting – Precious Annoying Moments

Parenting – Precious Annoying Moments

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Written by Dr. Elliot Lysyk, DC ~ Vernon Chiropractor

Last night I found this toothpaste tube on the bathroom counter after my 6-year-old daughter finished brushing her teeth.

My foundational belief on how toothpaste should be expunged from its tube was challenged. It was impossible to squeeze it any harder to get more out, so I had to unravel it and begin kneading it from the bottom up.

We have so many little moments like this while parenting, don’t we? Moments that are annoying, yes, but also so precious and fleeting. It’s overwhelming and sad to consider how much of raising a child is lost in the flow of time, never to be experienced the same way again.

It’s the great parenting irony—that these annoying little moments WILL eventually end, leaving us mourning this brief and special time with our young children.

So let’s enjoy every mangled toothpaste tube while we can, shall we?


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