Move Your Backside…

Move Your Backside…

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Written by Dr. Elliot Lysyk, DC ~ Vernon Chiropractor

There have been a number of recent articles in popular magazines and news programs explaining that “sitting is the new smoking.” These articles estimate that one-third of Canadians spend 10 hours or more sitting each day. This sedentary lifestyle is contributing to heart disease, diabetes, premature mortality, as well as neck and back pain.

The worst part is, when we do decide to get off our backsides and improve our health, we are too out of shape. Neck and back muscles will have weakened from years of slouching all day in a chair. The aches and pains associated with the first month of starting a new, more active lifestyle can be enough to stop us in our tracks.

As chiropractors in Vernon, our job is to help manage your sore and achy back, neck and hips as you improve your health and fitness. We focus on improving the function of the back and neck, then strengthening and improving a person’s posture. This decreases pain levels, allowing a person to have higher activity levels and decreasing the chance of injury when active.

If your activity levels are being impaired by the stresses of your time in a chair, please come in and see how we can help.


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