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Headaches & Massage

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Written by Bill Richardson, RMT ~ Vernon Chiropractor

Massage in Vernon has a purpose when dealing with headaches. First, you need to figure out what kind of headache you have. Migraines are due to a blood flow issue to and from the head. Tension headaches are a referral pain from muscle tension. Massage, along with homecare diligence, can reduce the strain of this issue.

When dealing with migraines, the massage should be calming and promote blood flow out of the head and neck. Making the treatment room calm and dark will decrease possible irritants. The massage tends to be light unless a tension headache is overlapping.

Tension headaches are commonly caused by poor posture or dehydration. Forward head posture is a very common reason why these headaches form. Trigger points in the neck and shoulders have predictable referral patterns, and with a good description of your headache, it can be easily found and treated. Much like migraines, the flow should be leaving the region towards the heart.

Homecare for post-treatment includes: rest, hydration, posture correction, and possibly a chiropractic adjustment.

I hope this helps you understand a little more about headaches.

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