Exploring Vernon with Arise Chiropractic and Wellness

My fiance and I landed in Vernon after searching for a place to call home. Our criteria were ultimately: a small-town atmosphere and an abundance of things to do. From the mountains through the lake into the orchards, there is so much here to explore. Here is a list of our (current) favorite things to do in Vernon:

Golfing in Vernon

With the golf season lasting from March until November, it is great to have different courses to chase a ball around while enjoying the Okanagan views. Most of our rounds are played at Vernon Golf and Country Club, conveniently nestled right on Kal Lake Road. I also play a few rounds a year up at The Rise, while marveling in the view of Okanagan Lake. There is no clubhouse at The Rise, however they play music at the snack shack that echoes through the
fairways. If you don’t like their music, you can rock a Boom Cart and play your own! For a quick
round to practice our short game we will play Hillview or hit a bucket on their driving range.

Trails, Lakes, & Parks in Vernon

Kalamalka Lake: the most beautiful lake in the Okanagan with its’ vibrant green-blue hue. On a hot summer day Kal Beach is the perfect place to relax and swim or float in the cool water. If you want to be out on the water you can rent stand up paddleboards or kayaks from the charming Kalavida Surf Shop. For some adrenaline pumping activities you can wakeboard, tube or jump from the smiling face on the southeast side of the lake.

Kalamalka Provincial Park: offers great hiking and quieter beach options. Rattlesnake Point is an easy hike that offers sensational views of Kal Lake. It is a great place to picnic in the spring and fall. For a wonderful beach oasis, hike down to Cosen’s Bay. It is a bit of a hike so don’t forget anything in the car.

Rail Trail: The northern section of the Okanagan Rail trail hugs the western shores of Kalamalka Lake. It is a wide, flat trail made of compacted earth that makes for an easy ride. The trail provides wide-open vistas of Kal Lake.

Silverstar: our winter playground. Located up in the Monashee Mountains, Silverstar has great terrain for downhill skiing and snowboarding, cross country skiing and snowshoeing as well as ice skating.

Must see's in Vernon

Local Orchards/Fruit Stands: my fiance is a chef and has a passion for local ingredients. We shop the local produce stands for high quality, seasonal ingredients. The obvious choices are Davison’s Orchards and Bella Vista Farm Market. We quite like the delightful Railside Market

Garden in Coldstream: The other benefit of Vernon is the proximity to so many other epic adventures. A stone’s throw away from wine country, dozens of other golf courses, lakes and mountains, we seem to be adding more things to our adventure bucket list than crossing them off.