Dr. E’s Paragliding Adventure

Dr. E’s Paragliding Adventure

Chiropractor Vernon BC Elliot Lysyk Paragliding

By Dr. Elliot Lysyk, DC ~ Vernon Chiropractor

My adrenaline-packed double-header Father's Day and Birthday celebration in Revelstoke was better than expected, largely because I managed to skirt Brad's promise (co-owner of Revelstoke Paragliding) that if I died, I wouldn't have to pay. Oh, I paid alright—with a handful of bills and some motion sickness! All in all, what an astonishing experience.

We launched at about 7,000 ft. and spent 50 minutes airborne, twisting in thermals, trying to rise up as high as possible, and floating high above the Columbia river where my pilot assured me that we had a back-up safety chute in the event that our wing failed during some "gentle" stunts. He performed a pendulum swing, told me to hang on tight, and then a few spirals, cranking up the g-forces quite a bit.

Nausea made me tap out eventually, so we made our descent and had a feather-light landing! I survived and went on to experience a nearly 4-hour epic solo cross-country/downhill mountain bike ride, hiking to Begbie waterfalls with the girls, and chilling in a rustic cabin in the forest.

I’m so grateful for my lovely family, for the adventures we can create in this beautiful part of the country, and for every extra year that I am given on this planet.

Gratitude to all!


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