Chiropractic: Relief, Repair, Restore

Chiropractic: Relief, Repair, Restore

Chiropractic Vernon BC Doctor with Spine

Written by Dr. Deane Studer, DC ~ Vernon Chiropractor

For over 100 years, the art of moving the spinal bones into their natural alignment has been the chiropractor’s underlying goal. For relief of back pain and discomfort, not many healing therapies work as effectively or are as long-lasting.

Our body is a highly organized collection of moving joints, muscles, soft tissue, organs, and much more. The spine is unique in that it serves as the entrance and exit point of most of the nerves in our body, so it is no wonder why misalignment of the spine can impact both the well-being of our back and other areas of our body.

The beauty of the human body is its capacity to heal itself; however, the quality of the repair is often overlooked. Will the pain go away in a few days? Or maybe a year or two goes by and you have another pain episode. But this time it is taking longer than it should go away, leaving you feeling less than optimal. Chiropractors in Vernon are spine experts! We see patients with back and neck pain who want just relief. We also see patients who understand that proper repair and restoration may take longer, but with more satisfying results. We also see patients who come in for maintenance check-ups as a preventative part of their health care. We can tailor our care to work within your needs. Ultimately, we want you to live your life pain-free and to your fullest potential.


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