Are You One Adjustment Away from a Better Mood?

Are You One Adjustment Away from a Better Mood?

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Written by Dr. James Mayne, DC ~ Vernon Chiropractor

One of the biggest hurdles to work through when a person’s back hurts is getting motivated to get better. We see it every day in the office—someone is frustrated with battling their back pain. Maybe they missed an outing with friends, had a crappy vacation, or are just angry that their problem won’t go away. If this is the case with you, or with someone you love, we may be able to help.

When a person first comes into our Vernon chiropractic office, they have an evaluation and exam with one of the doctors. Often it is the first time someone has sat down with them and explained the mechanics of the spine and why there is pain. If x-rays were taken it can be the first time a person has seen them and had them explained. Understanding the problem and coming up with a game plan to help with the condition can be a huge source of relief for many.

Another big advantage of coming into the clinic is that there is a support system. A person can see that they are not suffering alone. Back and neck problems affect a large percentage of the population in North America. Seeing others who are being helped with similar conditions is very reassuring. When someone is just starting, hearing from a patient who has improved is encouraging. As a person starts feeling better they become a voice to encourage other people new to the clinic. Basically, the reception area and waiting room become a community where people can support each other.

Finally, every patient in our care is encouraged to move and stretch every day. It may not be easy to get moving at the start, but as the body starts to feel better and a person becomes more active, they can use physical activity to alleviate their stress. More movement means more blood to the damaged tissues, which increases the speed at which a person heals. Mood is significantly improved when a person is able to get up off the couch.

While having a “bad back” can be frustrating, it does not need to be depressing. By working with your chiropractor and your back-pain community, we can get people moving again toward improved moods and better lives. Together we can help release the healing potential inside of our bodies and stay strong and active throughout our lives.


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